Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Uranium Ore For Sale

Apparently it's possible and legal to buy a small amount of radioactive uranium ore without a license in the United States. The company Images Scientific Instruments is offering a small tin of uranium ore for only $24.95. Apparently, the ore can be used to for laboratory applications in measuring radioactivity. I just want to know if the stuff glows! Talk about an awesome paperweight!Check it out here--> Link

Mr. Toad's Faith Healing Ride!

Someone on Flickr posted this picture that was taken outside of Disneyland's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The sign is not exactly clear but it appears that Disney expects the handicapped to rise up and walk by the POWER OF THE LORD! I know Disneyland is considered magical but this is just insane!Flickr Image Source Link

NSFW - Topless Wii

Ever wondered what topless girls playing the Nintendo Wii looks like? Well now you can know thanks to the internet's seemingly limitless ability to deliver. The British website www.nuts.co.uk has brought the several videos to the internet to the thanks of Wii tards everywhere. The video contains two beautiful blond young women doing what they do best. Enjoy.
View them here -->Link