Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Office Rage

Here's a crazy video of some dude flipping out in an office. He literally loses it and just starts destroying everything. I feel really bad for the girl sitting next to him. She takes a computer monitor to the face. And no little flat screen either. A big frickin' tube monitor. Ouch.

Obama - Hillary Hybrid

Here's a really creepy picture that will surely strike fear into your heart. The perfect ticket. Here's party unity for you. SOURCE

Obama Beer

For those of you who love your politics and love your beer there is Senator Keg Lager. This beer brand, which is highly popular in Kenya, has come to be known there as "Obama Beer." For those of you that didn't know, Obama is half Kenyan and the people of Kenya are so proud of him that they have named their favorite beer after him. Check out the CNN story.