Thursday, June 12, 2008

Italian Unicorn

This "unicorn" was born at the Center for Natural Sciences in Prato, Italy. The 'unicorn's" twin has two horns. SOURCE

Portable Cardboard Table

Icelandic designer, Liborius Reykjavík, has created an cardboard work-table that can be broken down into a suitcase sized carrier that weighs very little for the table it provides. The table is meant to be reusable and is fairly sturdy. Cool design but I don't see this being used outdoors any time soon. Unless it's weighted down or something. SOURCE

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anti-Energy Drink

Here is an interesting new drink. With all the craze of "energy" drinks lately I guess it was only a matter of time before someone created the polar opposite. This drink contains melatonin, valerian root, and rose hips which enable you to "slow your roll." The drink appears to be based on the cough syrup based recreational drug known as "Purple Drank." I wonder if this is healthy to use as a sleep aid? SOURCE

Papa John's Pizza Advertising

This is an awesome new marketing thing for Papa John's pizza. This brochure actually sticks to your door right below your peephole and provides an optical illusion making it seem as though a pizza guy is already at your door. This is sure to inspire some spontaneous orders. I'm sure whoever came up with this idea is getting a pay raise. SOURCE

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Office Rage

Here's a crazy video of some dude flipping out in an office. He literally loses it and just starts destroying everything. I feel really bad for the girl sitting next to him. She takes a computer monitor to the face. And no little flat screen either. A big frickin' tube monitor. Ouch.

Obama - Hillary Hybrid

Here's a really creepy picture that will surely strike fear into your heart. The perfect ticket. Here's party unity for you. SOURCE

Obama Beer

For those of you who love your politics and love your beer there is Senator Keg Lager. This beer brand, which is highly popular in Kenya, has come to be known there as "Obama Beer." For those of you that didn't know, Obama is half Kenyan and the people of Kenya are so proud of him that they have named their favorite beer after him. Check out the CNN story.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here's a video of an awesomely horrifying robot dog from Japan that is being tested. If anyone has anymore info on this prototype please comment and let me know.

AIDS Virus Jewelry

Designer, Andriy Kurovets, has created a model for a new piece of jewelry that depicts the AIDS virus. Pretty wicked looking. Check out the source through the link below.LINK

Balloon Art

Here's some interesting art created with balloons and resembling popular video game icons. Created by Balloon Guys Entertainment. Check out their website through the link below to find out more about them and book them if you need a "Balloon Guy."LINK

Restroom Sound Maker for Privacy

"The Magical Water Princess" is in fact not a princess at all. It is a Japanese restroom accessory that is placed in toilet stalls in Japan in order to make it impossible to hear others using the restroom. The device emits a chirping sound for privacy. It is apparently a major fear of Japanese women to have others hearing them use the restroom. In the 80's women used to flush the toilet multiple times while they were using it in order to cover up the sounds involved. This ended up wasting an insane amount of water and costing restaurants and other public places insane amounts of money. Check out the video below and the link below that for more info on this strange device.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Pringles Can "Urn"

The dude that created the Pringles can, Dr. Fredric J. Baur, recently passed away and was so proud of his Pringles can creation that he wanted to be buried in it. His family has honored his wishes and fit as much of his remains as they could in the Pringles can. The rest were buried in an urn alongside. Check out the full story through the link below.


Gameboy Shoes

These cool shoes have an integrated Gameboy Color system that clicks in and out of the shoe and is totally functional. The shoes have become increasingly popular in Japan but I don't hink we'll see them anytime soon in the U.S. There are several different types that are available and showcased over at Check them out through the link below the picture.

UPDATE: Apparently the shoes were designed by shoe designer, Helen Red Richards. The shoes have been exhibited since the end of 2000 in some U.K. art galleries. The shoes are available to order through Nintendo only but I'm not sure how to order them. SOURCE


Octopus Jewelry

Here is some truly strange jewelry that just screams awesomeness from over at Check it out and support your independent crafters over at while you're at it. Check out the link below the pic.