Monday, May 26, 2008

Classic Comic Book Ads

Remember all of those comic book ads from the old comics that would promise everything from super powers to strange aquatic friends? Well, here is a small collection of them found from over at the Gawker blog. Check out all of them through the link below.LINK

Super Mario Cars!

The folks over at Neatorama have a nice little collection here of Super Mario Bros decorated cars. Not much but kinda cool nontheless. Click on the link after the pic for more.LINK

Graphite Sculpture Pencils

Here are some interesting sculptures that are made of graphite and can double as a pencil. Looks like they would be a cool addition to any desk. They are created by sculptor Agelio Batle. You can check them out over at his website through the link below.LINK

Ghosts for Sale

Florida man, John Deese, is selling ghosts. Or at least that's the idea. For $20 you can order yourself a "Ghost in a Bottle" including an authentic ghost certificate to prove your ghost is real, haha! He warns, "Open at your own risk!" You can check out his website and the news story at the links below.LINK (news story)