Monday, January 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Music

Hillary Clinton has been using a controversial song in her campaign by Golden Earring called "When the Lady Smiles." The music video for the song includes disturbing imagery of a nun getting raped and the attacker's brain being eaten by a dog. It's really weird and really creepy. Something tells me that Hillary has never seen this video. However, in her defense I'm not sure very many people out there even know this video exists. At least until now.

Biomechanical Sculptures

Christopher Conte is an artificial limb designer and robotics hobbyist. He has created some of the most awesome looking robotic sculptures I have ever seen on the internet. His works have a kind of "cyberpunk" or "steampunk" look to them and never cease to have a unique look of individuality. However, some of his stuff actually remind me a little bit of the Terminator movie franchise such as the pic above. Check out his gallery of works @ WIRED.