Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yeti Prints!

An expedition led by Josh Gates for the TV show Destination Truth has discovered what they are calling a Yeti Footprint in Nepal. The footprint was cast in order to preserve it. I'd like to believe that the Yeti exists but some would say it is merely the brainchild of locals to bring in tourism and thrill seekers. Check out the YouTube video of the footprint cast being presented to the media.

Find out more at Cryptomundo.

No Photos Allowed

Have you ever seen one of those signs that declare with ferocious authority that you are not allowed to take pictures. Well believe it or not many people take pictures anyway and now there is a website that devotes itself to collecting these photos. The website, Strictly No Photography, provides a community atmosphere where people can come together and share their stealthy acts of photo warfare.

The National Geographic International Photography Contest

The National Geographic International Photography Contest has come to a conclusion and some of the winners and runners up are actually quite amazing. National Geographic has posted them up over on it's website. I recommend that you head over there and check them out. They're pretty cool. Below is Kirk Gardner's honorable mention photo "Dragonfly."
Check them all out here.