Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monopoly Graffiti

Here's an interesting bit of street art/graffiti from the streets of Chicago from found over at the Wooster Collective, an online collection of street art. Check out the link below for the source and more from the Wooster Collective.Link

Auto Sofa

Here is an interesting piece of art created by Fred Bailey. The couch is entirely handcrafted in metal with no fiberglass and all black leather seats. It even has working headlights and tail lights. Only one drawback though - it has a $40,000 price tag! Check it out over at Ebay through the link below.Link

Chalkboard Laptop

Here is a coll customized MacBook Pro Laptop that has been coated with chalkboard paint on the top side to allow chalk note taking while sipping on a cup of coffee. Kinda cool but also kinda weird. Hope you enjoy it. Made by some dude named Russell Davies and he's apparently named it the BlackBoardPro. Click the link below for his blog entry on it.Link

Ukrainian Sand Sculptors

The Zigura Brothers from the Ukraine are sand sculptors that have quite a bit of talent. Check out their webpage for more of these interesting sand sculpted creations.
(This sculpture is kinda weird. Yoda seems really at home there on Vader's lap and R2D2 seems way too interested in Vader's butt...)


Pulse Jet Powered Bicycle

Robert Maddox has built a Pulse Jet powered bicycle mod that has the ability to propel its user up to 75 mph. The jet has 50lbs of thrust and weighs only 13lbs. You can buy it on Ebay and the bidding is at $650 right now. Check it out but it seems kinda dangerous...