Thursday, January 31, 2008

Corpse Fiend Dentist

Michael Mastromarino, a Philadelphia area oral surgeon, had been caught for acting as a ring leader in a corpse theft organization which involved several of the area funeral homes beginning in 2001. Mastromarino has been working with the funeral directors to harvest reusable body parts from the recently deceased and selling them illegally to tissue banks, hospitals, and even denture makers. Procedures using the stolen corpses have been performed throughout the U.S. and Canada by unknowing doctors. If you've had a anything from a hip replacement to dental implant since 2001, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Find the full article HERE.

Vintage Metal Cup

This ebay auction certainly qualifies for The Web is Weird. It is a rare vintage anti-masturbatory cup that was given to boys to prevent nocturnal emissions. The price is high but he auction promises a rare piece of conservative history that has now become extinct in our modern culture. All I can think is, "OMG that must be COLD!" Check out the auction HERE.

Holocaust Carnival Float?!

A Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Samba group has been barred from running their Holocaust float in theupcoming notorious carnival which the town is known for. The float was to feature a large pile ofmannequins made to look like Holocaust victims and a couple of dancing girls on top of the pile wearing Nazi uniforms. Wow. Just wow. As could be expected, the Jewish Federation of Rio De Janeiro has filed a lawsuit which lead to the float being banned. Go HERE for the story. Photo By: Vanderlei Almeida / AFP-Getty Images