Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here's a video of an awesomely horrifying robot dog from Japan that is being tested. If anyone has anymore info on this prototype please comment and let me know.

AIDS Virus Jewelry

Designer, Andriy Kurovets, has created a model for a new piece of jewelry that depicts the AIDS virus. Pretty wicked looking. Check out the source through the link below.LINK

Balloon Art

Here's some interesting art created with balloons and resembling popular video game icons. Created by Balloon Guys Entertainment. Check out their website through the link below to find out more about them and book them if you need a "Balloon Guy."LINK

Restroom Sound Maker for Privacy

"The Magical Water Princess" is in fact not a princess at all. It is a Japanese restroom accessory that is placed in toilet stalls in Japan in order to make it impossible to hear others using the restroom. The device emits a chirping sound for privacy. It is apparently a major fear of Japanese women to have others hearing them use the restroom. In the 80's women used to flush the toilet multiple times while they were using it in order to cover up the sounds involved. This ended up wasting an insane amount of water and costing restaurants and other public places insane amounts of money. Check out the video below and the link below that for more info on this strange device.