Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Restroom Sound Maker for Privacy

"The Magical Water Princess" is in fact not a princess at all. It is a Japanese restroom accessory that is placed in toilet stalls in Japan in order to make it impossible to hear others using the restroom. The device emits a chirping sound for privacy. It is apparently a major fear of Japanese women to have others hearing them use the restroom. In the 80's women used to flush the toilet multiple times while they were using it in order to cover up the sounds involved. This ended up wasting an insane amount of water and costing restaurants and other public places insane amounts of money. Check out the video below and the link below that for more info on this strange device.



Peter Rozovsky said...

That makes sense. But how long will it take before the sound of chirping itself becomes a kind of dirty joke that makes women blush?
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Ian said...

That's a good question. My guess is that it already has, haha!