Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nintendo DS McDonald's Marketing

Nintendo DS users in Tokyo will now be able to bring their DS with them to a McDonald's and download the menu and look at menu item descriptions. This is kind of a weird marketing strategy since someone will be near a menu anyway when they are in a McDonald's. For any of you DS users out there do you think corporate marketing strategies through your DS is a good idea or just marketing spam? Check the link below for the full source story.LINK

Recycled Bottle Suits

Sears has a new suit available which certainly is unique due to the fact that it is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. They are called EcoGir suits and are even machine washable. An interesting way of trying to save the Earth but I'm gonna be skeptical till I get a chance to feel the material's texture. The suits are created by the company Bagir and will cost approximately $200. Chewck out the full story through the link below on treehugger.com.LINK