Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sock Zombies

The handmade craft selling site, Etsy.com, has a new and interesting item for sale. Seller Underroos has created a cute and frightening version of a sock monkey that is just a little more "undeader." There are many different varieties and the quality appears to be very high. Check out the shop and support your independent craftsman HERE.

Ballpoint Pen Master

Artist Juan Francisco Casas creates large format art using nothing more than a blue ballpoint pen. He has obviously mastered this unique art form. His works have an almost photographic quality to them. Check out his website for more amazing art HERE.

Kid's Book on Hallucinogens

This early 1990's children's book on the dangers of hallucinogens is full of hilarious imagery that attempts to warn kids of the dangers of hallucinogenic substances. The book appears to be targeted towards a 9 year old but contains info on lsd, shamans, and brain chemistry in a "my first reader" format. Very strange but the pictures are priceless. Check out the full article and additional pictures @ SILVER JACKET.
Those friends above are total jerks! This poor kid is obviously freakin' out and they're smiling and waving at him!